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Business Continuity

Planning for the Unexpected in your Business aka Continuity Planning

The last few years have seen several events such as Brexit and more recently the Coronavirus that have a large affect on businesses and trade. Small businesses are often harder hit as they don't have the resources to whether the storm. So how can you as a small business owner prepare yourself for the unexpected?

Corporate Social Responsibility

Using a Costs-Benefits Analysis to help your business reduce its plastic use.

With it being Plastic Free July, everyone is thinking more about their plastic use and how they can reduce it. So I thought I'd take a little look at costs-benefits analyses and how they can be used to help your business find alternatives to plastic and help you become more sustainable.

Continuing Professional Development

Attending the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) Conference – A Returning Delegate’s Perspective

It’s been two days since the end of the AAT conference and I am still buzzing with ideas, inspiration and enthusiasm for the future of accountancy and bookkeeping. I wanted to share my thoughts and experience with you so you can see the benefits of attending a conference within your business industry.