Bookkeeping Services and Packages

Bookkeeping Help and Advice £30

Do you have any questions about bookkeeping or what you need to record to complete your self-assessment?

I am happy to discuss anything you need help with, from starting your bookkeeping through to help with completion of your self-assessment, during a conference call. This is followed up with email support for any further questions you might have.

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Bookkeeping Help and Advice Plus £50

Do you need help with spreadsheets or software to help you record your income and expenses?

As well as the conference call and email support, I’ll create bespoke documents to help you with your bookkeeping and finances. Alternatively, I will help you get set up in Wave, a free online accounting software.

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Bookkeeping and Business Support from £45 per month

Maybe you’re a bit overwhelmed by it all and are just looking for someone to do your
bookkeeping for you?

I will help you get everything in order so you know your finances are accurate and you can see what’s coming in and going out each month.

In the first month, I will get to know you, your business and its numbers. This includes a
conference call to discuss your current processes and needs and how I can help you with
your business.

Following this, I will collate all your financial data and record these transactions either in a spreadsheet or in Wave. I will conduct bank reconciliations where I match your financial transactions to your bank statements and make sure everything adds up and is where it should be.

I can also provide data analysis reports should you need any further analysis, such as sales per month or income versus expenses. And I can also provide an annual summary to help you fill in your self-assessed tax return.

I will communicate with you on a regular basis to keep you up to date with my work and
provide any help and advice you might need.

Packages are tailored for you and your business so that you get all the information that you need as often as you need it.





No. of bookkeeping accounts*

*an account can be a bank account or other transaction account such as stripe, PayPal, Etsy, Wix or Shopify




No. of transactions per month (how many transactions per month for all your accounts)





  • Digital Bookkeeping within Wave
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Email support with queries
£45 completed monthly

£120 completed quarterly

£60 completed monthly£120 completed monthly
  • Manual Bookkeeping within Excel
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Email support with queries
£70 completed monthly

£180 completed quarterly

£90 completed monthly£180 completed monthly

  • Reports and Analysis
£5 monthly

£10 quarterly

£10 monthly

£15 quarterly

£10 monthly

£15 quarterly

  • Yearly summary for self-assessment




Historical Bookkeeping:

  • Digital
£45 per month to be completed£65 per month to be completed£130 per month to be completed
  • Manual
£70 per month to be completed£100 per month to be completed£195 per month to be completed
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