How I can Help You

Whether you’re looking for some help or advice with your bookkeeping, or just want to end all the stress and worry and have someone do your accounts for you, then you’re in the right place.

Unlike you, I love taking a big pile of receipts and invoices and producing an ordered set of accounts. I find it very satisfying when everything adds up and balances. It’s almost better than chocolate!

I enjoy making life easier for creative business people like you, helping you to understand your accounts so that you can successfully run and grow your businesses without worrying about your finances. This means you can spend more time creating your products and doing the job you love. I’d love to help you on your business journey and see where the adventure takes you.

Queen of maths

I offer a range of services to suit your needs from a monthly newsletter full of information and advice, to completing your self-assessed tax return for you. You can sign up for the newsletter here or find out more information about the services I offer on my Packages page.

You are more than welcome to contact me and ask any questions at and I look forward to joining you on the business road.

Looking for my accounting CV – AKay_Bookkeeping_CV

You can view my license here – AAT License