How Can I Help You with your Bookkeeping

Whether you’re looking for some help or advice with your bookkeeping, or just want to end all the stress and worry and have someone do your accounts for you, then you’re in the right place.

Unlike you, I love taking a big pile of receipts and invoices and producing an ordered set of accounts. I find it very satisfying when everything adds up and balances. It’s almost better than chocolate!

Queen of maths

I enjoy making life easier for creative business people like you, helping you to understand your accounts so that you can successfully run and grow your businesses without worrying about your finances. This means you can spend more time creating your products and doing the job you love rather than pouring over numbers and spreadsheets that you don’t enjoy. I’d love to help you on your business journey and see where the adventure takes you.

I offer a range of services to suit your needs from regular social media posts and the Numberstuff blog with bookkeeping information and advice to recording your bookkeeping and completing your self-assessed tax return for you.

Working Together

Every client is different and as such, we will start with a “getting to know you” call to work out the best way for us to work together.

We will discuss how you are currently recording your financial transactions and which software (if any) you are using and then work out what will work best for us both going forwards.

Can you work remotely?

Yes, the nature of current bookkeeping and the technology available means it is easy to work remotely. We will discuss the best ways to work and communicate, which can include email, video call and instant messaging, as well as face to face.

What do I need to provide in terms of receipts etc?

In our initial call, we will talk about how we will work together and the different software we can use to make sharing information and financial documents as easy as possible.

What accounting systems do you use?

Currently, I use Wave as my accounting software, which is free to use and makes sharing of information and collaboration on your accounts easy to do remotely. If you already use a different software package, then we can discuss this in our initial call.

What can I do for you?

I am licensed to:

  • Undertake bookkeeping for sole traders and limited companies, including recording your daily transactions and matching these to your bank statements
  • Complete and submit the self-assessed tax return for sole traders.

I am not currently licensed to complete VAT returns, however, I can undertake bookkeeping for VAT registered businesses and liaise with an accountant for the VAT returns.

You can view my license here.

I have another question.

You are more than welcome to contact me and ask any further questions you might have about bookkeeping and self-assessment.